Think It Out provides escape game experiences for gamers of all skill levels. Whether you're a first-timer or escape game pro, a family or group of coworkers, we have a game for you. 

DIFFICULTY LEVELS: Your team decides how you want to play the game. Our games are designed to be solved, on average, in 1-hour using 3-clues. However, Your professional Escape Room Status is not in jeopardy if you decide to use more clues. Some teams use double digit number of clues while others will not touch the clue button no matter what. 

COMPLETION RATES: It depends on how you play the game. Our tracking software factors in the time remaining and clues used to calculate your teams score, so saying that this room has an XX% escape rate is misleading. Again our games are designed to keep you entertained for an hour! 

We actually want you to finish the game by escaping the room (that way we don't have to explain everything you missed :o)

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MOTOWN          Difficulty: 3/10

Recommended Players:  Min 4, Max 10
Detroit is back in the forefront. Plans for a revolutionary concept car have been developed which will keep Detroit in the lead. There’s only one problem, the code to access the plans have been lost. The plans must be delivered on time. Your mission, find the code to decrypt the plans so Detroit can retain their world automotive title. 

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THE LOCKER ROOM      Difficulty: 6/10

Recommended Players:  Min 4, Max 10

It's an hour before game time and your coach has a final exercise. You're team is locked in your own locker room! solve the puzzles to get out of the room in time or your team will be a “no show” for the finals!



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CAMPOUT Difficulty: 7/10

Recommended Players: Min 4, Max 8

You’re lost deep in the woods. There is a cabin nearby - Maybe there’s a clue to help you find your way out. You better hurry, it's getting dark and a pack of coyotes is an hour away. Can you find your way out before the coyotes find you?

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SUPERHERO U        Difficulty: 8/10

Recommended Players:  Min 3, Max 6
Kryptx has gone rogue and has aimed a freeze ray at the planet.  He now has your team locked in his lair where you need to disarm the device and get free. We recommend that you've played at least 2 escape rooms if you want any chance to solve the room. This is a 75 minute game.


*Difficulty level based on puzzle difficulty, not escape times or number of clues used.

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Want to try something different? Think It Out offers three distinct game modes.

E.R. Lite

Just want to have fun? You get "3" clues and "60" minutes, but we'll help when we see you struggle. You can even earn extra time by following the game master's wacky instructions!


Standard escape room rules apply: 3 clues and 60 minutes. No exceptions.


Shoot for the high score by managing your time and clues wisely. Each minute left on the clock adds points to your score, while using clues subtracts points. Team with the high score for the month is invited back to play another room for free!



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