Name That Superhero Contest!

Coming Soon 9-27-17.png

What’s a superhero without an awesome superhero name and super powers? Well, not much of a superhero at all!

This February, Think It Out is opening our newest escape room: Superhero University. And we want you to be part of the creative process! Come up with the best superhero names and powers for our Superheroes on the university board. You’re characters will be a part of the new room and other future Think It Out creations! Keep reading to find out the full details.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to our Facebook page and find the post pinned to the top of our page

2. Leave a comment with the name and superpower of each of the three heroes shown in the picture, from left to right. Ex: 1. Captain Think It Out, Laser-Sharp Mental Focus

3. After the entry period ends, we will choose our three favorite names.

The winner and 6 of their closest friends or family will get the opportunity to play the new Superhero University room for free, before we open it up to the public. Not only that, but your three superheroes will be immortalized in the new Superhero University room, becoming a part of Think It Out lore! Your superheroes will also be the basis for one of our future Mysteries on Main City Adventure Games.

 Let your inner Stan Lee in you loose! Entries will be accepted until February 8th.

We look forward to seeing the creative names and powers you think up!