Get To Know Think It Out!

As a way to introduce ourselves to you, we have conducted a faux interview about us, the business, our hopes and dreams, and our obsession with rubber ducks. Enjoy!

Clark Kent: Let’s start off with your name and what you do.

Think It Out: We are Think It Out Escape Rooms and Mental Gymnastics, and we provide escape game experiences and entertainment options for the Metro-Detroit area.

CK: How did Think It Out get its start?

TIO: Think It Out began in February 2017, after purchasing an existing escape room named D’Escape Mission in Fraser, MI. We saw that the tremendous interest in the escape room industry was not going away anytime soon and, being lifelong game enthusiasts, saw an opportunity to do something we love. So, we immediately went to work rebranding under the new name, and have been hard at work building a brand that’s truly unique ever since.

CK: You mentioned earlier you provide ‘escape game experiences and entertainment options’. Can you expand a little on what that means?

CK: We have three ‘traditional’ escape rooms, which I’m sure you have heard of before, but we also offer numerous other ways you can get in the game. From our Mobile Escape Game to our smartphone puzzle adventure Mysteries on Main, we strive to have something that appeals to everyone (Check out our ‘Games’ page on the website if you want to learn more).

CK: Enough boring business talk, tell me about you.

TIO: Well, not only is our team like a family, our team is a family. Even though we all share some of the same genes (and sometimes jeans), we all have different backgrounds and each bring something unique to the table. At heart though, we are all game nerds.  Board games, videos games, road rallies, geocaching – you name it and we’ve played or done it, most likely.

CK: What are your goals going forward?

TIO: We want to provide you with escape games that YOU want to play. The explosion of escape rooms the last few years has inspired many copycats, but that’s not really our style. We realize there are a lot of different types of gamers out there, and we want to offer something for everyone. That has been front of mind as we look to soon redesign a few of our existing rooms. Everyone should always feel free to get in contact with us if you have any ideas, suggestions or critiques; your feedback is crucial to our creative process!

CK: How about for this blog?

TIO: Mental = relating to the mind + Gymnastics = exercises developing or displaying agility and coordination

Not only do we want to use this blog to keep you informed on what’s happening here at Think It Out, but we want you to learn and laugh too! We’ll bring you behind-the-scenes looks at our games and how they’re designed, help you understand escape game psychology, profile particularly interesting teams and post the occasional puzzle or funny story, as well.

CK: Final question, what’s with all the ducks?

TIO: The rubber duck has become the unofficial mascot of Think It Out. No one really knows how they got here or why, but these buoyant beasts can always be found lurking around our building. You may even encounter some during your escape attempt…..

Want to introduce yourself? Say something in the comments below or come on out to our Fraser location. Follow us on social media too to be in the know with all our latest developments.